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Visual KPI Designer Quick Start

The Visual KPI Designer is already set up with basic configuration. You can configure your Visual KPI website with your company branding and details, add a few KPIs and have your website ready in minutes.

Of course, there are many configurations you can control using the Visual KPI Designer, but this Visual KPI Quick Start guide will help you configure your Visual KPI website before you start adding KPIs.

Configure Your Visual KPI Website

The Visual KPI Designer Web Site Configuration worksheet is used to edit basic, default settings to configure your Visual KPI sites.

Open the Website worksheet

Click the Site Settings icon () under Document Actions to access the sitewide settings menu to access Profiles & Dashboards/Website.

The Website Configuration worksheet is added to the workbook. If it already exists in the workbook, the Website Configuration worksheet is activated and the current configuration data is retrieved from the database and displayed.

sitewide settings Website

Website Configuration Toolbar

When you select any one of the Site Setting menu options, a worksheet opens with the related configuration data.

Visual KPI Designer configuration tools

For each worksheet, icons appear in the toolbar that affect only the data related to the selected worksheet. 

configure website tools

Contextual Help

Tooltips and descriptions are designed to help you use the worksheet. For example, in the Web Site configuration worksheet, the description for Site Title, tells you that whatever you enter here will show up in the title bar on the website. Learn more about Contextual Help in Visual KPI Designer.

Visual KPI Designer contextual help

You can choose to keep any of the default settings, but here are some things you may want to set up immediately:

Change the Site Title

The default Value is Transpara Visual KPI. Change this to reflect your website’s name as displayed in the title bar.

  • In the Site Title row of the worksheet, click the Value column.
  • Enter your site’s title.

Click the Save icon () in the Web Site configuration toolbar.

Click the Upload Logo icon () in the Web Site Configuration toolbar.

  • Browse and select an image file (JPG or PNG) of your logo. Click Open.
  • Click the Save icon () in the Web Site configuration toolbar.

Note: If the logo file does not match the required size (140 x 40 pixels), the image will be forced into the specified size, causing some distortion in the image’s appearance.

Set Up Site Admin Information

You’ll want to choose the contact for your Visual KPI site. This will appear in some System Configuration pages on your site. It will also be used for cache server error notifications.

  • In the Site Administrator Contact row, select the Value cell.
  • Use the pulldown menu to select the appropriate contact.

Visual KPI Designer configuration tools

Configure the Cache Warning

If you want to receive notifications of issues relating to the Cache, use the pulldown menu to select a notification method in the Cache Alert Notification Protocol field.

  • When set to None, notifications will not be sent out.
  • Enter a value in the Cache Alert Reminder Interval (minutes) field indicating the frequency to be used for sending out cache alert reminders. When the value is 0, the Cache Alert Reminders will not be sent.
  • Enter a value in the Cache Warning Interval (minutes) field. When the value is 0, the Cache Warning is disabled.


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