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Visual KPI Event Log

When you install the Visual KPI Server, a “Transpara” event log is created in the Windows Event Journal. You can find events logged by the Visual KPI Server in this file.  

The level of detail included in the event log is dependent on the Log Level settings for the Visual KPI Server and its components.

Log Level settings options:

  • ErrorsOnly: only errors are logged
  • Moderate: only public functions are logged
  • Full: all events are logged, including public and private functions

 The server components each have a unique “source”, making it easier to sort through the Transpara event log. The following sources can be found in the Transpara event log.

  • Visual KPI Server 1001-2000
  • Visual KPI PI Interface 2001-3000
  • Visual KPI SQL Server Interface 3001-4000
  • Visual KPI Alert Server 4001-5000
  • Visual KPI ODBC Interface 5001-6000
  • Visual KPI Cache Server 8001-9000

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