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Visual KPI Installation Overview

Visual KPI has two installation components: the Visual KPI Server and the Visual KPI Designer.

The Visual KPI Server installation includes the Visual KPI Server Manager, which allows you to easily install and manage your Visual KPI sites. The Server Manager also steps you through the upgrade process.

With the Visual KPI Designer, you create and configure your KPI data. You can install the Visual KPI Designer on the Visual KPI Server machine, or on a separate machine.

A wizard steps you through both installations, making setting up your Visual KPI Server and Visual KPI Designer fast and simple.

Here’s the only tricky part: Before you install the Visual KPI Server, make sure your machine is ready. Review the system requirements and software prerequisites carefully. This will save you time.

To read an overview of getting your machine ready for Visual KPI Server installation, see Before You Install Visual KPI Server: Prerequisites and Permissions.

The Visual KPI Designer requires Microsoft Excel version or newer. You must have local administrator rights for installing software on this machine.

Once your machine is ready, each installation takes only minutes, or less.

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