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Add Visual KPI Links

Using links, you can provide more information or connect users to related information in Visual KPI. The use of links is versatile, so you can link to almost everything within your Visual KPI site, or even to external resources. Administrators can add Visual KPI links; others can be created by users of Visual KPI sites.

Links can be added to objects, such as Groups, KPIs, Charts and Tables. You can link from an object to a Dashboard, to another object, to a chart, table, or another website. You can even link to external software. Anything that has a URL can be a link.


The link icon ( ) may appear in List View or in Details View. For Groups, you also find the link icon below the List View of the Group.

To add link:

Open Visual KPI Designer.

Open the worksheet with the objects that you want to add the links from. For example, find a set of KPIs, like in the image below.

Add the URL in the Links attribute.


In this example, the Gross MW KPI links to a Maintenance Log. You can see the link icon related to Gross MW in the Visual KPI site.


When you click the link for the Gross MW KPI, the maintenance log opens.links

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