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Add Visual KPI Nav Bar Links

There are so many places you can add links in Visual KPI. And you can link to just about anything, whether it’s to another object in Visual KPI, a Dashboard, or an external link. You can even add links to the Visual KPI Nav Bar. We call these Nav Bar Links.

add nav bar links

Note: Nav Bar links are a sitewide setting. That means they will appear on every Profile in your Visual KPI site.

Let’s say you have a Dashboard that is an overview of all KPIs for a particular region. You want all of your executives to have quick access to this Dashboard. You can create a Nav Bar link to the Dashboard. Or maybe you want everyone with access to a site to have quick access to fuel cost trends. You can add Nav Bar links to the KPI data and the trend for the fuel cost KPI.

Open Visual KPI Designer.

Use the Site Settings icon ( ) to access Advanced/Nav Bar Links.

add links to Visual KPI nav bar

Add the Name as it will appear on the Visual KPI Nav Bar.

Enter a description (optional).

Copy the URL (add link).

Use the pulldown menu to Show TRUE. This will all the Name to appear in the Nav Bar. You can change this attribute to FALSE if you don’t want the link to display later. In this way, you don’t need to delete a link, but just set it so that it won’t display.

add links to Visual KPI nav bar

Save () the Nav Bar Link. Make sure you have marked an (x) next to any Nav Bar Links you want to save.

add links to Visual KPI nav bar

After you’ve saved any new Nav Bar links, they immediately appear in your Visual KPI site menu below Charts and above the Share button.

add nav bar links

And when you click the new Nav Bar link, it takes you to the URL you associated.add links to Visual KPI nav bar

  • Remember, these links will appear in the Nav Bar, sitewide, and can be viewed by every profile with access to the Visual KPI site.
  • Keep the Name of Nav Bar links to 10 characters or less, or your text may get truncated.
  • Don’t add too many Nav Bar links, or your users will have to scroll vertically to see all of the Nav Bar. You can also add links within objects (such as KPIs), in the Bookmark Bar, or as a Custom Dashboard widget.

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