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Navigating Your Visual KPI Site

Access your Visual KPI site by entering the site URL provided by your admin. Finding your way around Visual KPI is as simple as clicking and drilling down.

Dashboard Home

No matter where you are in Visual KPI, you always return to your dashboard by clicking the Dashboard on the main menu. Your Dashboard shows your most important KPIs, and you can customize it. 

Groups and Objects

Visual KPI is organized using Groups and Objects. Objects can be KPIs, Charts or Tables. You can have objects at any level, or in any group.


Groups are what you use to organize your KPIs. Think of groups like folders in Microsoft Windows. You can have as many folders as you want, and you can have folders within folders. There is no limit to the number of folders and levels of folders you can have.

Click the Groups tab  ) in the navigation bar to see your groups.

Click any group in the group list to see subgroups, KPIs, Charts or Tables within the group.

select multi-KPI charts and trends

Learn more about Navigating Groups.


KPIs can be found by clicking the KPIs tab (  ) in the navigation bar or by drilling down into groups. By default, KPIs are listed alphabetically.

You can change the sort order by clicking any of the headers that have the sort icon ().

By default, your KPIs appear in list view and include a variety of visualizations to let you quickly see how each KPI is performing. Click any KPI in the list to see its details.

Learn more about Navigating KPIs & the KPI Tab.

Visual KPI list View


See charts in Visual KPI by clicking the Charts tab () in the navigation bar, or by drilling down into groups. By default, charts appear in a list view, organized by chart type, but you can use filters, grouping, and sort to decide how you view charts. Click any chart in the list to open the chart in the data panel.

Learn more about Navigating Charts.

Access Visual KPI charts from the navigation menu


Use the Tables tab (  ) in the navigation bar, or drill down into groups, to see any tables in Visual KPI. Like KPIs, tables appear in the list view by default and are organized alphabetically, but you can sort based on Info and Description. Click any table in the list to open the table in the data panel.

Learn more about Navigating Tables.

Access Visual KPI tables from the navigation menu

Quick Start Tools

Home Icon

Anytime you want to return to the top-level of the group you are currently viewing, click the Home icon (  ).

Breadcrumbs show you where you are in the group or object hierarchy as you navigate Visual KPI. You can use the breadcrumbs at each level to get back to a higher level of the hierarchy. For example, if you are viewing the KPI called Base CF in the Decatur Peaker group that lives within the Region SE group, click Decatur Peaker to return to the group and see all KPIs in that group.

Visual KPI breadcrumbs navigation

Expand and Collapse KPI Fullscreen

You can use the full-screen icon (  ) to hide the Visual KPI navigation bar and make your KPI or list full screen. When you want to return to the normal view, click the icon again to collapse full screen (  ). 

Hide Menu

The Hide Menu icon (  ) collapses the tools menu above groups and objects.

Show Menu

Click the Show Menu icon (  ) to show the tools menu.

Learn more

Enroll in the Visual KPI End-User Training to learn more about navigating your Visual KPI sites.

Within the course, you can take the UI Tour, learn more about Dashboards, or Groups & Hierarchy.


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