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Visual KPI Search Feature

When your Visual KPI site has hundreds or thousands of KPIs, the Visual KPI search feature can help you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. You can even create ad-hoc groups of all KPIs that include your search parameter using the Visual KPI search feature.

Visual KPI search bar

The Visual KPI search feature allows you to search any object within your Visual KPI site, including dashboards, KPIs, groups, charts and tables. The search feature is live, meaning as you start to type, live results display below the search bar. The Visual KPI search feature shows you the top 5 search results within each object type and the live status of each. Click an object type to see all results that include the parameter you entered.

Visual KPI search bar Visual KPI search bar

If a KPI has status, the status will appear in the search results. If you need to do a quick search on the status of a KPI, you can enter the name of the KPI in search and see the status in the results.

Visual KPI search bar

Use Visual KPI search to create ad hoc groups

A creative way to use Visual KPI’s search feature is to create ad hoc groups. When you search, all results are returned and categorized by object type. When you click the top-level object, you see all KPIs that match your search parameter, and you’ve effectively created a group. This ad hoc group has all the tools and options available in any group.

Search for your required parameters.

Visual KPI search bar

Click the top-level object of any returned results to see all KPIs with the required parameter and create an ad hoc group.Visual KPI search bar

How Visual KPI search works

The Visual KPI search feature finds all dashboards, groups, KPIs, charts, and tables that meet your search requirements, if the search parameter exists in any of the following elements:

  • Dashboard: name and description
  • Group: name and description
  • KPI: name, description, and Actual
  • Chart: name and description
  • Table: name and description
  • Trend: pen names and pen lookups

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