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Visual KPI Security

Visual KPI security is as secure as your organization’s security. We don’t require you to implement our security system, but rather, we inherit your security system.

To understand the security measures we implement with Visual KPI, it’s helpful to understand these IT security mechanisms:

  • Authentication means proving you are who you say you are.
  • Rights assignment determines what information you should have access to and what is blocked, once you’ve proven you are legit.
  • Encryption determines how secure things are while they are in route to you over the Internet. 

Who Sees What?

During installation and setup, Visual KPI inherits your Active Directory structure or the security used by your organization; security can be applied to users and groups within Visual KPI just like your other applications. Your organization’s IT department and/or the Visual KPI admin at your company set up security in Visual KPI  and determine who gets access and how much. You’ll probably want users to authenticate with a username and password to access Visual KPI.

In Visual KPI we have the concept of Object-level Security for rights assignment, which simply means that any KPI or object in the system can be restricted to only the users that have the rights to see it. In other words, two people could be looking at the exact same page in Visual KPI and see a different set of information.

As Simple as Closing a Browser

Visual KPI runs in a Web browser with no app to install on computers or mobile devices and no data stored locally. The data all comes from your organization’s external data sources. Visual KPI simply reads it in real time. There are no files transferred to your computer or mobile device.

How secure is your data sent over the Web? Without authentication, no one can access that data that Visual KPI shows you. You can freely share links to data and KPIs that you want others to see. Without access to your Visual KPI system, your data remains as secure as you want it to be.

And if you, or someone in your organization, loses their mobile device? No worries. With nothing stored locally and secure authentication required, your data is safe in Visual KPI. When the browser is closed, the data is gone.

The Real Security Threat

Unfortunately, one of the greatest threats to your sensitive data could come from the users themselves. Educate users on the risks, benefits, and policies concerning security in your organization. And if you’re that user, take note of your organization’s policies and protect your Visual KPI data. Guard your username and password, and close your browsers before you set your mobile device down or put it away.

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