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Visual KPI Server Manager Overview

The Visual KPI Server Manager allows you to install the Visual KPI Server, manage your current installation, and upgrade your current instances (Visual KPI sites). The Visual KPI Server Manager also allows you to generate a report on all of your Visual KPI Server instances. Because the report is in a single HTML file, it can easily be shared with others.

Visual KPI Product Architechture - Visual KPI Server Manager

Using the Visual KPI Server Manager you can easily perform side-by-side deployments, allowing you to continue to use your live system while you test your new system. Server Manager is the “back end” management function specifying how the data is stored when retrieved from the remote context server, interfaces, and Visual KPI Designer so it can be deployed to a Web server, along with security and alerts.

Managing Services with Visual KPI Server Manager

Visual KPI Server Manager maintains various services for the application. These include:

Naming Your Visual KPI Sites

During the Visual KPI Server installation, you are prompted for the Visual KPI Instance Name (Visual KPI site name). The instance name is used for the default installation path, the SQL Server database name, the Alert Server and Cache Server services, and the IIS virtual directory names. Prior to your first installation, you should decide upon a naming convention for your Visual KPI sites. One possibility is using the location associated with each site (example, PlantXYZ).

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