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Visual KPI Website Components

The Visual KPI website components include the Transpara website and its associated virtual directories.

With the exception of the WebService virtual directory, any of the names you see here can be changed during the installation of the Visual KPI Server. By default,

By default, Transpara is the main website under which a Visual KPI Instance is installed. However, you can install a new Visual KPI instance into any existing website.

A new Visual KPI Server installation consists of three virtual directories under the main Transpara website:

  • VisualKPI – this is an instance, or Visual KPI website
  • WebService – services needed to run Visual KPI
  • Interfaces – one for each interface installed to the same instance

The Transpara website and its associated virtual directories are each mapped to a folder within the Visual KPI installation folder. The Visual KPI Server default installation folder is C:\Program Files\Transpara\Visual KPI, under which is a sub-folder for each instance of Visual KPI installed on the machine.

The following table shows the relationships between the Visual KPI components, the related IIS components and application folders (using the default names).

Visual KPI ComponentIIS ComponentApplication Folder
Main websiteTranspara website…\Visual KPI\Root
Visual KPI websiteVisualKPI virtual directory…\Visual KPI\
Visual KPI DesignerWebService virtual directory…\Visual KPI\WebService
PI InterfacePIServer virtual directory…\Visual KPI\Interfaces\PIServer
ODBC InterfaceODBC virtual directory…\Visual KPI\Interfaces\ODBC
SQL InterfaceSQLServer virtual directory…\Visual KPI\Interfaces\SQLServer
SmartSignal InterfaceSmartSignal virtual directory…\Visual KPI\Interfaces\SmartSignal


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