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We have options for almost any type of business, including small teams to global enterprise-wide and high-volume licenses.


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What’s Included

Every Visual KPI license goes way beyond software. We’re notorious for our rapid deployments and interactive support.

All The Software

Every license package includes everything you need for a fully functional enterprise solution (server, Designer, interfaces, alert server, etc.) No add-ons to worry about or random extensions that drive up the price.

On-Premise or Hosted

The Visual KPI Server can live wherever you prefer. Most of our customers choose to deploy the software on their own network, while others prefer it hosted in their cloud. You provide a home, and we’ll do the rest.

Proactive Support

Support is a passion at Transpara. Just ask our customers. We don’t just provide a website and documentation. In fact, we prefer to jump on web meetings with you and answer questions live and on-screen.

The Whole Deployment

Beyond just software, every Visual KPI license includes the full deployment of our software on your network (via web meeting). Includes installation, interfaces, creating some things and training you along the way. Usually takes 90 minutes but we won’t stop until your system is live.

frequent Updates

Unlike most enterprise software vendors, we release software about every 10 days and almost every release contains new features. All of these updates are included at no cost for subscription plans, for those with maintenance plans and even for free trial users.

Grows as You Grow

If you want to start with one type of license and move to another in the middle, that’s no problem. Add users randomly or switch from users to object-based? Yup. Upgrade to a site or enterprise license? You bet. Just give us a shout.

Multiple Options to Choose From


Great for small teams, departments or sites. Includes most features but limited to 3 data source interfaces, 1 Designer license and 3 sites per server.


Available licenses:

  • Named or concurrent user licenses
  • Annual subscription or perpetual + maintenance


  • 3 standard data sources (interfaces)

  • 3 sites/URLs per server

  • 1 Visual KPI Designer License

  • 1 Standard Remote Context Server License

  • 5k monitored objects (KPIs, values)

  • All core features

All features


Great for multi-site, department-wide or global deployments. Includes all core features with unlimited data source interfaces, Designer licenses and sites.

Available licenses:

  • Named or concurrent user licenses
  • Annual subscription or perpetual + maintenance
  • Site or enterprise licenses (contact us)


  • Unlimited standard data sources (interfaces)

  • Unlimited sites/URLs per server

  • Unlimited Visual KPI Designer Licenses

  • Unlimited Remote Context Server Licenses

  • 10k monitored objects

  • All core features

  • Site rollups feature

All features

Enterprise ADI

Advanced Data Infrastructure. Great for those without existing data sources, high-volume or high KPI count, and those with sophisticated enterprise needs.

Available licenses:

  • Users, objects/tags, CPU or combination based on volume
  • Annual subscription or perpetual + maintenance
  • Site or enterprise licenses (contact us)


  • All Enterprise Edition features

  • Enterprise historian (time-series data storage)

  • Global integration features (transverse networks, global upgrades across all sites, etc.)

  • Asset model, KPI model, I/O model hierarchies

  • Advanced calculations and infinite extensibility with scripting

  • Predictive analytics engine

  • OPC DA/HDA/A&E/UA support

  • Direct PLC/DCS support

  • SNMP/NMS support

  • MQTT support

  • Hundreds of additional sources

  • Advanced XML and binary/text file support

All features

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about transparency.
If you have a question that isn’t covered below, please contact us directly.

What is a “Named User”?

A named user is an individual person, such as Bob, Tracy or your boss, Nina. Even if a person has many devices they use the software with, they are still one person and each requires a separate named user license (unless you prefer concurrent licenses).

What is a “Concurrent User”?

There are two definitions for concurrent users: The first is when you have many users that don’t use the software at the same time, such as three shifts of 10 users (30 total). In this scenario, you could choose to buy 30 named users or 10 concurrent users. The second definition is used when you put Visual KPI on a kiosk or wall-mounted display where a user isn’t directly controlling the software. In this case, each display counts as 1 concurrent license. Contact us if you need help deciding.

What is a data source or interface?

An interface is a connection to a data source. As an example, you might have an OSIsoft PI server, 3 SQL databases and a web service you would like to get data from. In this case, you would need 5 interfaces. In some cases, you might choose to configure multiple interfaces to the same data source and each would count separately.

Can I buy additional server, designer or interface licenses à la carte?

Yes! One server is included but you can always add more if you need. If you have our Pro Edition you can also buy additional designer or interface licenses, but after a couple of either it is better to move to Enterprise Edition (it includes unlimited).

Can I put Visual KPI on a wall-mounted display, kiosk or TV?

Yes! Visual KPI is great on the wall of the boardroom, break room, hallway or even your media room at home. We count each wall-mounted display or kiosk (where the software is not controlled by a user) as one concurrent license.

Do you offer performance-based or custom licenses?

Yes. Some of our customers pay us based on the number of megawatts they generate each year, the machines they sell (OEM), or the amount of copper they mine and produce. This requires a deep conversation so contact us if you want to explore.

What are “sites / URLs”?

You can run multiple instances of Visual KPI on a single virtual (VM) or physical server. Each instance of the software will have its own URL and its own interfaces (can be to the same sources as other instances). Some customers run separate instances for different departments, while others run them to separate internal users from access to suppliers for security reasons.

What is included with annual maintenance?

A lot. We not only include support and product updates, but also remote training and direct assistance with questions, features, upgrades and more via web meetings with our engineers. Also, we release a lot of new software every year and you get them all.

how often do you release updates and new features?

While there is no set frequency, we release a new version of the software about every 10 days (e.g. we did 42 releases in 2017). Almost every release includes new features.

Is Visual KPI a SaaS application or cloud service?

Yes and no. The software is designed to run on-premise, hosted or in the cloud, but because of its real-time nature and the types of information it connects to, most of our customers prefer to run it in their own physical or cloud environments.

Can Transpara host Visual KPI for me?

Yes, but in most cases it doesn’t make sense due to the data sources most customers choose to integrate with. For some customers we manage the Visual KPI Server and underlying infrastructure as a service but it is hosted in their own cloud account (AWS/Azure/Etc).

Do you offer a free trial or proof-of-concept version of the software?

Yes and yes! Because it is so easy, we recommend trying the software with your own data sources and in your own environment to ensure it is a good fit for your needs. It only takes 90 minutes to deploy and usually within a few days you know if it’s adding value or not for you. We offer a free 30-day trial along with paid PoC offerings that include more direct services. Here’s where you sign up.

Did We Miss Anything?

Transparency is our specialty, so don’t be shy if you have a question. We’re happy to answer, and without a sales pitch.