Real-Time Operations Dashboards

Maximize your operations, make better decisions and eliminate downtime or bottlenecks. Oh, and stop making calls to multiple teams just to see what’s happening. Read from all of your data sources and view it all in one place. It’ll even alert you when it needs your attention. Beautiful, obvious, powerful and mobile.


“We are in love with this software.”


Carlos Guevara, Head of Industrial Applications

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So How Does it Work?

Real-Time Customer Dashboard
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“Managers are literally bumping into each other in the halls because they are always looking down at Visual KPI on their phones.”

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John Fisher, Senior Process Controller

Go Beyond Static Dashboards

It’s Alive!

No need to refresh the page. Visual KPI updates and alerts you in real-time as the data in your data sources change, so you can always see the latest.

KPIs for Obvious Context

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) change everything by eliminating the need for training, providing status and color, the ability to roll-up performance at every level of the hierarchy, and the ability to compare apples to oranges.

No Huge, Expensive Project

Visual KPI reads data live from internal or external sources and it’s deployed in hours, not weeks or months. We even include installation and basic training with our free trial.

Runs in the Browser

Nothing to install or maintain for end-users and secure by design with nothing stored on the devices.


Visual KPI was born to engineering parents and has the power to prove it, but it’s equally at home in the boardroom or out in the field. Crystal clear KPIs and a focus on user experience extend your data’s reach to anyone.

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It’s our belief that software should be smart enough to tell you when to look, and where you have issues that require your attention. Stop sifting through tons of data and start managing by exception.

Great on Any Device

Visual KPI is fully responsive, which means it adapts intelligently to any screen size and every feature works on every device, from screens on the wall to the phone in your hand.

Dynamic Dashboards

Drag ‘n drop. Personalized or role-based. Open for editing, locked down or hidden by security. Drag or scroll through time on each object or dashboard-wide.

All Your Favorite Charts

Basics like real-time trends to advanced analytics like XY plots, GeoMaps and Group KPI Maps. Data-generated, ad-hoc/user-generated in the browser, or admin-generated.

Bi-Directional Embedding

Embed your own content like forms, video feeds, HMI and process graphics, instructions to users and more. You can also embed any Visual KPI object in other apps in seconds.

Take a Closer Look

Get a live demo without the sales pitch. We’ll arrange for one of our team members to show you around on a brief web meeting and help you decide if Visual KPI is a good fit. If so, you can also try it with your own data for free.