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SECURITY UPDATE: Visual KPI does not use any elements of Apache log4j and is not impacted by the vulnerabilities recently exposed in log4j.

“Best customer support call in the history of software! Michael’s energy and expertise made my morning, afternoon and evening. I’m now ready to rock!”

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“Call For Any or No Reason”

The form below is always available, but don’t hesitate to call, write or send smoke signals. In most cases we prefer to jump on a quick web meeting and answer your questions live while we look at the screen together (check out our knowledge base if you’re the type that avoids human contact, but we promise not to bite).

Product or Pricing Questions?

If you are still trying to decide if Visual KPI is a good fit and your questions are less technical, use the contact form linked below or email We don’t care how you contact us, as long as you do.