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December 8, 2020 – 1pm US Eastern / 10am US Pacific

Webinar: Lessons learned from Hurricane Maria and how PREPA used Transpara’s Visual KPI to accelerate the recovery process in Puerto Rico and emerge even stronger.

Transpara and experts from LT Automation (Puerto Rico) and AAOP (Mexico) showed how leveraging real-time data, KPIs and context can significantly improve how teams can communicate and recover from a crisis rapidly. The primary case explains in detail how LT Automation helped PREPA (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority) recover from the massive devastation and power outages caused by Hurricane Maria in September 2017 and for the many months after as they emerged from this event.

In addition to the Hurricane Maria story, we discussed the current Covid-19 crisis we are all facing (and live Covid-19 data) along with other events businesses of all types face on a regular basis and how getting everyone (not just the geeks) looking at the same data in real-time and from anywhere can make all the difference.