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Well, it’s another new month and with that comes more new features. Frankly speaking, it is getting difficult to keep up with the speed of our developers so many of these cool new features aren’t getting written about or given the credit they deserve.

The best way to keep us is to check out the Visual KPI release notes every week or so.

Ok, on to the latest customer-driven feature…

Visual KPI Site Roll-Ups

This one is specific to users of our Enterprise Edition, as it really shines for customers that manage multiple sites, departments, geographic locations, etc. In the past, running multiple instances of Visual KPI meant just that – separate. Now, with Site Roll-Ups you can ‘roll up’ multiple sites to not only see what is going on inside of multiple sites, but also drill-in, expand for more details, map them (using GeoMaps), filter, sort and more. Here’s a quick video about the feature (oh, and we just used the browser in this video, but of course it works on smartphones, tablets and almost any other connected device you can find):

  • Existing Enterprise Edition customer? All new features are free, so just sign in to your account and upgrade to the latest version.
  • Starter or Pro user? Contact us for details about upgrading to Enterprise Edition or just reply to this email.
  • New to Visual KPI? Sign up for the 30-day trial and we’ll get Visual KPI up and running on one of your servers in just 90 minutes.

A big thanks to the customers who requested this and helped us define it.

Please let us know what you think by contacting us.

Robert and team Transpara