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Luckily we got Michael to record a video or two recently that shows us various parts of Visual KPI.  This video covers the Visual KPI Editor which is an add-on to Microsoft Excel.  This is where setup, configuration and ongoing changes are made to deployments of Visual KPI.  As you can see, we leveraged all the work Microsoft has done (and continues to do) on Excel which not only makes it easier for us, but users end up with a configuration tool they already know how to use (read: low training cost) and one where changes can be made in seconds without any coding.

All the configuration work you do in the Excel Editor defines what the screens will look like in your web browser or on your mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, etc..  In another video (which we will post soon), you will see an overview of those screens.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or questions…

For see our website for more information on Visual KPI for mobile business intelligence.  If you want us to demo the software for you over a web meeting, just contact us at

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