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  • 1159 Change (Website): Extension of offset trend with keyword in equation processor
  • 1160 Fix (Website): Extra points shown in exported Excel data
  • 1161 Fix (Website): Point mismatch in exported Excel data
  • 1162 Change (Website): Default View and SC KPI Map type should be Break+Name
  • 1163 Fix (Installation): Fails on VSTO step in Excel Editor install when Office 2007 present
  • 1164 Change (Installation): Excel Editor installation should query user for first VKPI Instance
  • 1165 Fix (Website): Opening deafult KPIs for first time in German website yields curious Excel look
  • 1188 Fix (Website): Breaking space in HTML does not look right
  • 1148 New (Website): Tabular data display on mobile device
  • 1158 New (Website): Support for relative time and absolute time expressions