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  • 1177 Change (Website; Excel Editor): Default KPI Map/List/Chart sort now specified on each View and Scorecard
  • 1184 Change (Installation): Default KPI Map type is changed to Break+Name and Default Attribute Group is Scorecard
  • 1203 New (Website; Excel Editor): Ability to insert “MailTo:” commands in Info URLs
  • 1205 New (Website): Support for Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating system and new IE Browser
  • 1213 Fix (Website): Large numbers do not trend properly, specifically any number in Scientific Notation
  • 1218 Fix (Website): X-Axis not displaying correctly on iTrend
  • 1219 Change (Web Editor; Excel Editor): Ability to enable or disable the Interactive Trend
  • 1221 New (Interfaces): Support for 64 bit PI-SDK from OSIsoft