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  • 1257 New (Website;Excel Editor; Web Editor): New “Links” collection allows creation of Compact URLs which are visible on Views, Scorecards and new Links page
  • 1258 New (Website; Excel Editor; Web Editor): New “Trends” collection manages collections of real-time pens (Adhoc Trends) within Visual KPI. This makes our existing Ad Hoc trend a managed collection
  • 1343 New (Website): Manual Data interface now supports write-backs from the any client device. Includes Active Directory enforcement
  • 1344 Change (Website; Excel Editor; Web Editor): Added a toggle “Enable BlackBerry Native Resolution” for modern BlackBerrys. This is turned off by default
  • 1355 Fix (Website): KPIMap Links Broken on Blackberry 8310 (caused by new AltText behavior)
  • 1356 Change (Website): Newer model BlackBerrys (os 4.7 and greater) have AltText/Tooltip capability. We now display the correct data