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  • 1382 Change (Website): Send Email Icon on KPI Detail page should send email to Responsible Party
  • 1386 Change (Website): Remove No Views, Scorecards, KPI message
  • 851 New (Website): Tag names and equations shown in tooltips on the icons below any trend.
  • 1364 Change (Alert Server): Alert Server does not work when Cache is in Error state.
  • 1379 Fix (Web Editor): Web Editor fails on Trends and Links pages
  • 1381 Fix (Website): Issue with Site Links and Trends page not being accessible
  • 1337 Fix (Excel Editor): Scorecard preview breaks on Vista x64
  • 1391 Fix (Website): Trends do not have “Actual” pen in them
  • 1394 Fix (Website): Multi scale breaks on UCSB data
  • 1397 Fix (Website): Advanced retrieval for Trend causes exception
  • 1408 Fix (Website): Missing * indicator in legend on iTrend multi-scale
  • 1410 Fix (Website): iTrend does not respect hard-coded x-axis limits 
  • 1417 Fix (Website): Equation processing fails on certain tags