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  • 1601 New (Website; Designer): KPI Trend Start And End Time Needed
  • 1598 New (Website; Designer): Default range for sparklines, entered on Scorecard
  • 1596 New (Designer): Need a way to disable an interface
  • 1595 Fix (Website): Objects with Show = False are still causing cache errors
  • 1576 Change (Website): Need to get rid of the underlines in ALL links everywhere
  • 1446 Change (Designer): Total objects saved should accumulate on the way to the total
  • 1380 Fix (Website): Color Names for Trends in Excel Editor are retrieved as numbers
  • 1347 Change (Designer): KPI, SC, View “Open” dialogs should remember last selection criteria
  • 1268 Change (Website): Sparklines need context, some way to show the duration 
  • 919 Change (Website): New license key structure with additional structure and info – 3.1 keys deprecated