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  • 1611 Fix (Website): Blackberry Torch displays now render correctly.
  • 1610 New (Website; Designer): Ad Hoc Trend function may be enabled or disabled per website.
  • 1608 Change (Designer): Alert Server confiuration added to Designer.
  • 1578 New (Designer; Website): Alert states are each configurable whether to send e-mails on entry.
  • 1573 Fix (Website): iPad endless refresh loop on certain screens fixed.
  • 1519 New (Designer; Website): Alert Server supports “time in state” period per KPI prior to sending Alerts.
  • 1472 Fix (Website): Alert Server no longer sends duplicate alerts on startup. 
  • 1092 New (Designer; Website): Alert Server has many new optional data fields which it can send with each Alert.