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  • 1684 New (Server Manager, Designer, Website):  Scorecard Map display
  • 1688 Fix (Designer):  Multiple new or open dialogs
  • 1689 New (Designer, Website):  Default KPI Top and Bottom Text to KPI Name and Actual
  • 1690 Change (Designer):  Reformatted KPI Status Color page
  • 1691 Fix (Website):  Suppress unused views and scorecards ignoring links and trends
  • 1692 Fix (Website):  Views with only links do not render when object level security is enabled
  • 1693 Change (Website):  Removed unneeded “All Views” and “All Scorecards” when no views or scorecards exist
  • 1694 Fix (Designer):  Error when searching for an object by scorecard with a view/scorecard selection that contains no scorecard