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  • WICKED COOL New: Group-based navigation hierarchy, unlimited levels
  • COOL New: New object type “Value” – single data point with trends and statistics
  • COOL New: New ad-hoc trend for Values
  • COOL New: Contacts (formerly responsible party) for all object types
  • New: Unified contact list and storage
  • New: Detail pages for all object types
  • New: Customer Experience Improvement Program Analytics
  • New: Template choices (dark and light)
  • COOL New: Selection Queries for all object types
  • New: Info column for all object types
  • COOL New: Ability to customize info column name
  • New: Detail pages for all object types
  • COOL New: Ability to turn off and on major features (Sparklines, Interactive Trend, Ad Hoc Trending, Ad Hoc Values, Groups, KPIs, Values, Trends, Links, Search, KPI Maps, Group Maps, Bar Charts, Object Level Security)
  • New: Improved status icons
  • New: Flexible Licensing — Starter, Professional, Enterprise
  • New: Integrated query debugger in Server Manager eases interface definition
  • New: Section headers in the Designer simplify configuration
  • New: Optimizations for touch screen devices
  • New: Expanded tablet support (Playbook and Galaxy Tab)
  • WICKED COOL New: Tabbed User Interface paradigm
  • New: Min and Max font size on Maps
  • New: Hierarchical Group View
  • New: Improved OEM support
  • New: Improved Open Dialog (By Group) selection in Designer