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PLEASE NOTE:  This release requires .NET Framework Version 4.5.  After this build was posted we discovered that Windows Server 2003 does NOT support .NET 4.5.  Please DO NOT install this build on a Windows Server 2003 machine.  Since the only component of the Server that requires .NET 4.5 is the new JSON/ODATA interface, we will be delivering future bulids which will install and run on .NET 4.0 and then OPTIONALLY allow you to upgrade if you wish to use the JSON interface. 

  • 2538 Fix: Installation – Client (Designer) Prerequisites trying to install 32 bit libraries on 64bit machines
  • 2547 Fix: Interfaces – JSON Interface Issues with Network Security
  • 2548 Fix: Interfaces – JSON Interface – Request Body Supported (HttpPost)
  • COOL 2549 New: Web Server – IsNumeric(value) Calculation Function
  • 2550 Fix: Web Server – Tag name containing “>” fail to show in Actual column