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NOTE:  Case 2730 removes all AGL entries for Groups as this is no longer supported.   Group visibility based on security will now be derived based on access to objects (KPIs, Trends, Values, Tables and Links) within the group.  If a user is unable to see any object inside the group then the group will not show.

This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers
  • 2727 New: Multiple Subsystems – Ability to suppress tag name in trend cursors.
  • 2728 Fix: Web Server – Multi-trend shows future data.
  • 2729 Fix: Web Server – Time offset problem in trend.
  • WICKED COOL 2730 New: Multiple Subsystems – AGL Performance Enhancements (Note: we no longer support group based AGL).
  • 2731 New: Multiple Subsystems – Client App VPN Settings.
  • 2732 Fix: Web Server – Special Characters causing GeoMap issues.
  • 2733 Fix: Web Server – (Group Trend) Preservation of Pen Types (step, symbol, etc) for each object (value, KPI).
  • 2734 Fix: Web Server – Sparkline not showing current value on single point trend
  • 2735 Fix: Web Server – AdHoc Value form submission with no lookup entered causes path issues.
  • 2736 Fix: Interfaces – (ODBC Interface) Single Lookup Error can cause all Lookups to fail.
  • 2740 Fix: Interfaces – (AF Interface) I/O Timeout and Special PI Enumerations are shown as Tag Not Found.