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  • COOL 621 New:  Y-Axis min and max per trend pen for multi-scale managed trends
  • 1913 Change:  Added ability to give each status a custom name, abbreviation, color and icon
  • 1916 Change:  KPI, Link, Value and Trend preview pages have header rows
  • 1989 Fix:  Visual KPI Designer could lose focus after closing dialog boxes.
  • 1992 Fix:  Navigation issues from headers in KPI Map
  • 2000 Change:  Added ability to choose from a set of status icons
  • COOL 2007 Change:  Added Y-Axis min and max to Values
  • 2010 Fix:  Cache failing when an interface requests a large amount of data
  • 2012 Fix:  Navigation issues from KPI Rollup bars
  • 2015 Fix:  Caculated Values did not show statistics
  • 2017 Fix:  Landscape mode startup issues on certain mobile devices
  • 2018 Fix:  Pinch and zoom functionality restored on iPhones and iPads
  • COOL 2020 Change:  Added Y-Axis min and max to KPIs (also added trend display options)
  • 2021 Change:  Auto-enable legend on multi-scale trend pages
  • 2022 Fix:  Default tabs not working in some cases
  • 2026 Change:  Added 2 new default status types (High High High and Low Low Low)