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  • 2033 New: Web Server Rename data column (values) in header 
  • 2034 New: Web Server Rename Target and Actual column headers 
  • 2036 New: Web Server Toggle Detail Page for each object type 
  • 2053 New: Web Server Diamond Status Icon 
  • 2054 New: Web Server Hide Site Information (toggle) 
  • 2024 New: Alert Server Alert to Groups based on Status 
  • 2025 Change: Web Server Empty Rollup Bars Text If there are no kpis at all you will see “No KPIs” 
  • 2042 Fix: Web Server KPI Info issue with alias reference calculation Fixed. 
  • 2043 New: Alert Server Alert Class Implemented 
  • COOL 2044 New: Alert Server Alert to contact based on Alert Status Implemented 
  • COOL 2045 New: Alert Server Alert History Implemented 
  • 2046 New: Alert Server Tags in Alert Email Implemented 
  • 2047 Fix: Web Server Error in Value Detail if value has no data If a value has no historical values the statistics calculations fail catastrophically.