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Requirements Update: Visual KPI now requires SQL Server 2016 or newer. This is a change from the previous requirement of SQL Server 2012. More info can be found here…

  • New: Website – New feature! Inline multi-select KPI-based charts. When you multi-select KPIs in a list and choose a visualization, the list is retained for quick toggling between various visualizations or changing which KPIs to include or exclude.
  • New: Website – New feature! Ability to change chart type for multi-select KPI-based charts within a single dashboard widget
  • New: Website – Page load performance enhancements (lazy/delayed loading of widgets and sparklines below the fold)
  • New: Website – New feature! Bookmark folders (ability to group bookmarks) on the bookmark bar. To configure, drag to indent an existing bookmark on the “edit bookmarks…” function in the bookmark bar. Indenting a bookmark makes it a child of the bookmark above it.
  • Fix: Website – Issue with membership in “Visual KPI Admins” resulting in failed edit rights for locked dashboards
  • Fix: Website – Dashboard responsiveness for 1/4 with KPI Blocks sometimes leaving “white space”
  • Fix: Website – KPI Blocks not always changing time range on a latched dashboard
  • Fix: Website – Some chart widgets not rendering correctly at 1/4 width on small screens

Tested with inmation version v1.94.3.21651