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This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers
  • 3245 Fix: Web Server – Table export formatting with commas in field.s
  • COOL 3248 New: Web Server – Time bar and navigation on XY Plots
  • 3249 New: Web Server – Ability to toggle pens (legend) on XY Plots
  • 3254 Fix: Install – SQL issues when upgraded from older v4 build to v5
  • 3256 Fix: Web Server – Auto play on trends not pausing when zoomed in
  • 3258 Fix: Web Server – Sort order issues when cells are formatted
  • 3259 Fix: Web Server – Sort order not working correctly with ‘show more’
  • 3260 New:  Multiple Subsytems – XY Plots option for fixed Y Axis
  • 3262 Fix: Web Server – ‘Show More’ on groups list sometimes not working