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This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 3367 New: Multiple Subsystems – Charts now have settings for optional gridlines
  • 3377 Fix: Dashboard widgets now more compact (no footer, smaller legend)
  • 3379 New: Multiple Subsystems – Profile can be marked as default and will auto load for new users
  • 3380 Fix: Web Server – KPI Blocks on dashboard not always rendering sparklines
  • 3381 New: Web Server – Share from dashboard will now share the profile also
  • 3382 New: Multiple Subsystems – 10 new customizable statuses added
  • 3384 New: Multiple Subsystems – Dashboard widgets can have title and description customized
  • 3385 New: Multiple Subsystems – KPIs, Charts and Tables can now be optionally shown all on the Groups list page
  • 3386 New: Web Server – Newly added widgets will now default to the top of the dashboard page
  • 3387 New: Web Server – Cancel and Save buttons on the customize dashboard page now at top and bottom