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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 3408 New: Multiple Subsystems – Ability to turn off sparklines by Group
  • 3414 Fix: Website – Issues with KPI Watchlist as KPIMap on dashboard
  • 3415 Fix: Website – Issues with back and forward arrows on KPI detail page
  • 3422 New: Website – Mouse-over tooltip shows time range for sparklines
  • 3423 New: Multiple Subsystems – Expand / Collapse state for Group Map blocks
  • 3426 Fix: Website – Issues with bar chart pens that are calulated with a time offset
  • 3427 New: Multiple Subsystems – Group level overrides for Group Map settings (cell count, header priority color and expandcollapse)
  • 3428 New: Multiple Subsystems – Max cell count per Group Map is now 20 (up from 12)