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  • 3874 Fix: Web Server – Link Blocks not correcty sized
  • 3875 Fix: Web Server – Issues with setting custom time ranges in non-US date formats
  • 3876 New: Excel Interface – Ability to change timestamp delimiters (defaults to single quote)
  • 3880 Fix: Web Server – Edited bookmark bar not updating until refresh
  • 3881 Fix: Web Server – Bookmark link to dashboard should always navigate to the dashboard not just change dashboards
  • 3883 Fix: Web Server – Issues with interfaces Start and End times in Trends and XY Plots
  • 3884 Fix: Web Server – Issues when auto-updating KPI Blocks
  • 3885 Fix: Web Server – Issues with custom time ranges when client timezone differs from server
  • 3886 Fix: Web Server – Change profile form does nothing when you change to the same profile