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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 3985 Fix: Web Server – Trend Comment Issues (not always showing up, issues on refresh)
  • 4071 Fix: Web Server – Trend rendering issues in scratch pad (Group Maps & KPI Maps)
  • 4072 Fix: Web Server – Custom names for Actual, Target not reflected in inline details (list view)
  • 4073 Fix: Web Server – Missing info in inline details (list view)
  • 4074 Fix: Web Server – Missing dark theme elements on dashboards (widget rename)
  • 4076 Fix: Multiple Subsystems – Ordinal values (enum sets from PI) not rendering in bullet charts
  • 4077 New: ODBC Interface – Support for ordinal and text value
  • 4080 New: Multiple Subsystems – Ability to view timestamps in either client or server time
  • 4082 Fix: inmation Interface – Bar charts only rendering 1st value (over and over)
  • 4083 Fix: Web Server – Duration labels showing partial days when range goes over DST boundary