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Note: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 4169 Fix: Designer – Creating a new instance connection with https stops auto populate updating the webservice url
  • 4158 New: Multiple Subsystems – RCS Performance improvements
  • 4159 Fix: inmation RCS – timeout errors for large models (http timeout now added)
  • 4160 New: SQL RCS – Added dashboard and generic link widget creation
  • 4161 New: Requesting a dashboard by metaid that does not exist will now show an error
  • 4162 New: ODBC Interface – passing screen width {WIDTH} to trend data query
  • 4163 New: Multiple Subsystems – Increased max size of content url (Embedded Contents) fro 1000 to 4000
  • 4164 Fix: Web Server – Long list of dashboards creates unusable dropdown.  We now scroll
  • 4165 New: Multiple Subsystems – Added AutoUpdate (boolean) to Embedded Content
  • 4166 New: Web Server – new context parameters to embedded content url ({THEME}, {USER}, {LANGUAGE}, {INSTANCE})
  • 4167 New: Web Server – new context parameters added to embedded content iFrame (data-start, end, timestamp, instance, theme, user, context)

Tested with inmation version