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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 4168 Fix: Web Server – Filtering not working for Custom Status 10
  • 4169 Fix: Web Server – Bad chart query results in site spasms
  • 4170 Fix: Web Server – Bar chart lines not showing correct colors
  • 4171 New: Multiple Subsystems – Custom sort order (display order) for KPI Status
  • 4172 New: Multiple Subsystems – Unknown status default name now called “Out of Range”
  • 4173 New: Multiple Subsystems – Added Russian language as new system language
  • 4174 New: Designer – Display all system languages in designer
  • 4175 New: Multiple Subsystems – Group Map header severity option of Display Order
  • 4176 New: inmation RCS – Updates for some new fields (Embedded Contents AutoUpdate, Charts scroll interval and scroll interval uom)

Tested with inmation version