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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

IMPORTANT! Starting with version (this version) we have a great new feature that determines if a KPI is fresh or stale, and this feature is enabled by default. It includes a sitewide setting and KPI-specific settings that let you set the max time (in minutes) you expect to hear from a data source before the KPI’s state will turn to “stale.” On upgrade, this may cause some of your KPIs to enter this state and you may need to adjust the setting (default is 60 minutes). Contact us if you need help!

  • 4205 New: Multiple Subsystems – New Status (Stale) calculated based on age of last retrieved actual timestamp
  • 4206 New: Web Server – Dashboard header now visible for embedded dashboards
  • 4208 New: Multiple Subsystems – Quicklinks by metaid (RCS driven) for charts, table, kpis and groups
  • 4209 Fix: Designer – Formatting issues with numeric names (ie a group called 7.0 gets formatted to 7)
  • 4210 New: Multiple Subsystems – Time context (range and timestamp) for Gantt Charts
  • 4212 New: Multiple Subsystems – New interface (vRealize Operation Manager – vROps)
  • 4214 Fix: Web Server – KPI Notification history pareto not able to be set to a different time range if default time range has no data
  • 4215 New: SQL RCS – Allow RCS created dashboards to reference existing (non-RCS) objects as widgets
  • 4216 Fix: Web Server – Sort by name not always working correctly

Tested with inmation version