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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 4305 Fix: Web Server – Object context for Embedded Content not returning group hierarchy in order
  • 4306 Fix: Web Server – Group map widget grows when you click a KPI cell (when ForceFit=False)
  • 4310 Fix: Designer – Long site name in connection manager yields blank name upon acceptance
  • 4312 Fix: Web Server – In some instances, spaces are not preserved when dashboard configuration is invoked
  • 4314 Fix: Web Server – Customizing a dashboard with multiple different dashboards open in different browser tabs causes issues
  • 4317 New: Multiple Subsystems – Comment codes add for KPI and Trend comments
  • 4318 Fix: Server Manager – Influx interface not installing correctly (missing files)

Tested with inmation version