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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 4326 Fix: Web Server – Issue with table column search when multiple tables present
  • 4327 New: Alert Server – Leverage latest status (Cache or Status History)
  • 4328 Fix: Web Server – Default to tracker mode for TrendBuilder and Adhoc trends
  • 4330 Fix: Web Server – Issues with Embedded Content on time latched dashboards (maximize issues)
  • 4331 New: Multiple Subsystems – Toggle ability to export data (trend and tables)
  • 4332 New: Multiple Subsystems – Name and Description overrides (CustomName, CustomDescription) for RCS created widgets
  • 4333 New: Stacked Pareto charts (for Virtual Dashboards)
  • 4334 New: Embedded Content (for Virtual Dashboards)

Tested with inmation version v1.62.1.9325