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NOTE 1: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

NOTE 2: For those customers who use the inmation or SQL Remote Context Server (RCS) specifically for automated dashboard widget placement and sizing, all releases starting with this build will require minor RCS script changes to keep your current design. This is a simple change and will affect very few users. Please contact us and we will help you with the adjustment directly.

  • 4387 Fix: Designer – Header text issue on custom rollup column
  • 4389 New: Web Server – Group block widget now can span 100%
  • 4390 Fix: Web Server – Much faster tables loads and modal warning for very large tables
  • 4391 New: Web Server – Gauge chart (speedometer)
  • 4392 Fix: Web Server – Issue when exporting data from tables when in embedded mode
  • 4393 New: PJM Interface – Added real-time 5-minute LMPs
  • 4394 New: Web Server – Custom text block widget added
  • 4395 New: Web Server – Image block widget added

Tested with inmation version v1.64.1.9722