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NOTE: This is a schema change so please upgrade your KPI Designers

  • 4403 Fix: Web Server – Virtual Dashboard Charts are throwing errors on data fetch
  • 4405 Fix: AF RCS – Errors when an AF sourced KPI has limit attributes with no values
  • 4406 Fix: Web Server – Stale status not showing on Geo Maps
  • 4407 New: Multiple Subsystems – Support for new RCS widget types via inmation RCS
  • 4408 Fix: Multiple Subsystems – Improved retry logic on data save for RCS values (prevents deadlock errors)
  • 4409 New: Web Server – Numeric formatting field for text block widgets.
  • 4410 New: Multiple Subsystems – Evoqua Interface
  • 4411 New: VMWare RCS – Support for alert tables
  • 4412 New: VMWare RCS – Limits and formulas added to csv configuration files
  • 4413 New: Multiple Subsystems – Xompass RCS
  • 4414 Fix: Multiple Subsystems – Issues with widget sizes on RCS generated dashboards

Tested with inmation version v1.66.0.10402