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  • 4464 Fix: Server Manager – Issues with launching sites and interfaces from the server manager with HTTPS or a FQDN
  • 4465 New: Web Server – Calculations now supported in text block widgets
  • 4466 Fix: Web Server – Small slivers on geo map rollups not working (180000 good with 1 high for example)
  • 4467 New: Web Server – KPI Blocks now can go back in time on a latched dashboard
  • 4468 Fix: Web Server – Text block widget not using correct time when used with a time latched dashboard
  • 4469 New: Interfaces – Optionally toggle the default timestamp delimiter for ODBC and OLEDB interfaces
  • 4470 New: Interfaces – Interface level overrides for Date and Value fields (ODBC and OLEBD)
  • 4471 New: Multiple Subsystems – Zabbix Remote Context Server
  • 4472 Fix: Web Server – Trend comments not viewable with Brazilian SQL Server
  • 4473 New: Multiple Subsystems – RCS Performance enhancements (modified table locks in SQL)

Tested with inmation version v1.70.7.10966