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  • 4515 Fix: Web Server – OSIsoft AF Event Frame time selection not sorting dates correctly
  • 4516 New: Web Server – New multi-select visualization: Convert selected KPIs to table view
  • 4517 Fix: Web Server – Disabling trend comments not working on a sites without authentication
  • 4518 New: Zabbix Interface – Configuration options to control batch size on item retrieval
  • 4519 New: Zabbix Interface – Trend aggregation option for high-resolution data (performance enhancement)
  • 4520 New: Zabbix RCS – Configuration options for host item retrieval (batch size)
  • 4521 New: Xompass RCS – Utilization of limits metadata from API
  • 4522 New: Zabbix Interface – Improved logging options for trends when no data is available

Tested with inmation version v1.74.5.11996