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NOTE: This is a schema change so please also upgrade your Visual KPI Designer(s) 

  • 4583 Fix: JSON Interface – Possible cache issues when no data is returned
  • 4584 Fix: Status History Server – Issues when null values returned from the actual interface
  • 4585 Fix: Performance Monitor Service – Slow running startup query
  • 4586 Fix: Server Manager – Some services are registering as 32bit instead of 64bit
  • 4587 Fix: Website – Time ranges (for sparklines) on KPI List View, Bullet Chart View and Status History View are not preserved when added to a dashboard
  • 4588 New: Multiple Subsystems – Setting added to treat non-numeric KPI limits as missing values (ignoring them in status calculations)
  • 4589 Fix: Website – Hidden pens on trends are not preserved when added to a dashboard
  • 4590 Fix: Website – Flicker issue while rendering clustered objects on geo maps during background refresh

Tested with inmation version v1.78.2.13668