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  • 4601 New: Website – Allow bullet charts to render with only Actual, Min and Max (no other limits)
  • 4602 Fix: Website – Issues with X and Y-axis tick precision when the trend has hidden pens
  • 4603 Fix: Website – KPI Options (Add to Dashboard, Trend, Barchart etc) not always enabled when viewing KPI search results
  • 4604 New: Multiple Subsystems – Largest Triangle Three Bucket (LTTB) down sampling for all interfaces that do not natively support trend downsampling.
  • 4605 New: Multiple Subsystems – Support for user-defined tables sourced for OSIsoft AF Attributes (not just connectstring and query)
  • 4606 Fix: Website – Issues with sparklines appearing flat when Y-Axis range is narrow and target is present

Tested with inmation version v1.78.4.13668