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Browser-Based Visual KPI Software Delivers Operations Data Directly to Users’ Cell Phones

Transpara Corporation, the leading provider of mobile, composite Key Performance Indicator (KPI) software, today announced support for the Apple® iPhone. Visual KPI provides customers in the manufacturing and utility sectors with on-demand operations data using the Safari browser of the iPhone. Tailored to fit the iPhone screen and built on the familiar platform of Excel and SQL Server, Visual KPI delivers business-critical operating data in context, enabling timely decision making from any location. With role-based, real-time KPIs at users’ fingertips, organizations gain visibility into plant floor data, enabling continuous performance monitoring and reduced operating costs.

“Personnel in the manufacturing and utility industries who are responsible for ensuring 24/7 business operations and handling incident response rely heavily on their cell phones,” said Michael Saucier, CEO of Transpara. “Because Visual KPI was created to specifically address the needs of the mobile worker, users can now access real-time operations data from any cell phone or handheld device. With support for iPhone, Transpara offers customers another option for delivering Visual KPI and web-based business data to their mobile workforce.”

With support for more than 100 mobile devices, Visual KPI enables users to easily create and customize composite KPIs and scorecards without any additional programming, using information from any combination of existing data sources, including OSIsoft’s PI System, SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB and Web Services. Tailored at run-time to fit the screen size requirements of individual devices, KPI and scorecard views make it easy to collect, view and act on your data, and can be published for instant use by anyone in the organization or supply chain, from plant floor managers and technicians in the field to executives.

About Transpara Corporation
Transpara delivers Visual KPI, operations intelligence software that provides customers in the process and utility industries with role-based, actionable KPIs on any web browser. Visual KPI presents operating information from multiple data sources to users in context and on-demand, enabling timely, informed decision making from any location. By helping users throughout the organization to monitor their asset base, Visual KPI improves performance, reduces operating costs and lowers business risk. Visit for more information.

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Download PDF: Transpara Announces Support for iPhone