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[From the Version One Press Release]

A survey by the document management software company, Version One, reveals that only 55 percent of senior management are able to access corporate IT systems via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Version One surveyed 149 senior professionals, including managing directors, finance directors and IT directors/managers, from a cross-section of UK public, private and third sector organizations.

28 percent of respondents stated that they are unable to access their corporate IT systems via their mobile devices and 17 percent stated that they “didn’t know” whether they had mobile access to their IT systems or not.

Julian Buck, managing director of Version One, says, “I find it astounding that given the commonplace nature of mobile devices in the workplace and the flexible hours many staff work, almost half of the senior professionals surveyed do not have access to critical IT systems via their mobile devices. More organizations need to be harnessing mobile technologies to enable business on the move.”

Of the 45 percent of respondents who are unable to access their organization’s IT systems using their mobile devices or “don’t know” whether they can access them or not, only 9 percent of these were aware of their companies’ plans to enable mobile access to IT systems.

Buck adds, “Enabling secure, mobile access to IT systems at any time and from anywhere delivers efficiency benefits, enhancing productivity. Having to wait for staff to be sat in front of their PCs before they can access corporate systems is an archaic approach which is stifling for business.”