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Visual KPI Enables Enterprise Customers to Cut Costs and Improve Performance by Leveraging Existing IT Investments

Transpara Corporation, a leading provider of operational intelligence software, today announced that Visual KPI will be the foundation for the principal business intelligence mobility demo in the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) “Envisioning Center” demo. Visual KPI delivers actionable, role-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from any combination of data sources to more than 400 mobile devices, enabling enterprise customers to extend the value of their existing IT investments for improved operations and business performance.

“Enterprise mobility is largely an untapped opportunity,” said Chuck McCann, MTC Alliances Program director. “With Transpara’s Visual KPI, the Microsoft Technology Centers can demonstrate the power of putting business-critical information – from supply chain to purchasing to engineering metrics – on the familiar mobile devices that decision makers use every day.”

Transpara, now a member of the Microsoft Technology Center Alliance Program, is an integral part of the “Strategy Briefings” demo delivered at the MTCs to their enterprise customers. The MTC Alliance Program is made up of industry leaders in hardware, software and services who work with Microsoft to create and drive joint initiatives and offerings.

“The only way to make data truly actionable is to unlock it from back-end systems and make it accessible to the right people, at the right time. Transpara’s participation in the MTC Alliance Program is helping customers to see how they can easily leverage their current IT investments, existing Microsoft infrastructure and employees’ increasing reliance on mobile devices to deliver immediate operations and business performance improvements,” said Michael Saucier, CEO of Transpara.

Visual KPI aggregates operations, financial and infrastructure information from multiple, existing data sources and delivers role-based, actionable KPIs to users via the desktop, laptop, or more than 400 mobile devices. The web-based software enables users to easily create and customize composite KPIs and scorecards without any additional programming, using information from any combination of existing data sources, including the OSIsoft PI System, Excel, Rockwell RSSQL, Invensys InSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SmartSignal, OLE DB and Web Services.

About Microsoft Technology Centers
Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) provide everything enterprise customers need – a valuable environment, leading technology providers and industry expertise – to envision, plan, build, deploy, operate and optimize customized solutions based on Microsoft and partner technologies. Visit for more information.

About Transpara Corporation
Transpara delivers Visual KPI, operations intelligence software that provides customers in the process and utility industries with role-based, actionable KPIs on any web browser. Visual KPI presents operating information from multiple data sources to users in context and on-demand, enabling timely, informed decision making from any location. By helping users throughout the organization to monitor their asset base, Visual KPI improves performance, reduces operating costs and lowers business risk. Visit for more information.

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Download PDF: Visual KPI Demonstrates Value of Enterprise Mobility Initiatives in 16 Global Microsoft Technology Centers