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Mohawk Fine Papers

Mobile Data Supports Mohawk’s “Information Everywhere” Initiative for Real-Time View Across the Enterprise

The Challenge

In recent years, Mohawk has had a series of acquisitions, direct-to-consumer initiatives and expansion into new product lines that caused an explosion in their finished product offering – from about 5,000 products in 2005 to about 35,000 products today. At the same time, customer demands for quality and flexibility have continued to increase. Mohawk is constantly trying to operate with shorter service times so that orders taken today can be in customers’ hands tomorrow.

“In a world of complex products and constantly changing requirements, everyone in the entire enterprise finds themselves in a place where they need to make effective decisions in order to satisfy the customer – from the senior leadership all the way to machine operators and accounting clerks.”

Ben Whitaker, Senior IT Manager
Mohawk Fine Papers

Mohawk’s Experience

The ‘Information Everywhere’ initiative at Mohawk Papers is a framework for delivering information from any source to any system or user that requires it in order to make effective decisions. Visual KPI is the mobility, web, and data visualization component of the initiative, providing senior managers with visibility into operational data on smartphones and PCs. Combined displays of business data (from the ERP system), production data (from the manufacturing execution systems) and process data (from the machine systems) deliver a real-time view of what is happening across the enterprise.

Visual KPI delivers enterprise information to users wherever they are on any device, enabling them to track KPIs like production performance and energy consumption in real-time. By monitoring information from all processes – like scheduling, inventory, production and control systems, order entry, purchasing and accounting – Mohawk ensures the entire enterprise is constantly aligned and focused on key orders, priority requirements, last-minute changes, and what is happening on the mill floor. This allows Mohawk to respond rapidly to customers’ ever-changing requirements and market changes – all in days and not weeks.

Results with Visual KPI

  • Improves decision making in manufacturing and maintenance processes
  • Improves responsiveness to customer requirements and manufacturing issues with real-time access to machine, production and order status
  • More efficient energy consumption
  • Saves money and resources by enabling users to proactively respond to issues

About Mohawk Fine Papers

Mohawk PaperKnown for innovation, service, and quality, Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. ( is the largest premium paper manufacturer in North America. Mohawk is also respected in the industry for its high environmental standards and sustainable practices. The company operates three mills (six paper machines) with more than 175,000 tons capacity. Four distribution centers are strategically located to deliver superior service to the major printing markets in North America and a warehouse in the Netherlands was opened in 2009 to serve the growing European market. Today Mohawk papers are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. Independently owned Mohawk is headquartered in Cohoes, New York.

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