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All new mobile alerting software includes customizable alert content, escalating alerts with multiple contacts and groups, and alert templates to improve flexibility and save time during configuration.

Since we first released Visual KPI in 2006, alerting and alarms has been an important feature and one that sets our product apart from many other mobile BI software products.  Several of our customers have even used Visual KPI to eliminate dedicated alerting software (which we are quite proud of we must admit).  Well, it’s just like our software developers to never leave things alone for long and this time they targeted the Visual KPI alerts feature and rebuild the entire thing.  Let’s have a look at a video and then some details below:

The new alerts feature includes the following:

  • Alert Templates – these let you set up an unlimited number of alert types (what statuses to alert on, when, time in state, reminders, etc.) and then apply them to individual KPIs with a simple drop down.  You can now apply different alert scenarios to hundreds of KPIs in just seconds.
  • Custom Alert Content – We have always prided ourselves on providing more than ‘something went wrong’ types of alerts and providing the context in the alert message itself (and that ever-so-valuable link to the real-time trend) and now you can choose what you want to appear right in the alert template.  Content options include Alert History, Limits, Source Tag (for historians like OSIsoft PI, GE Proficy, Wonderware Historian and Aspentech IP.21), KPI attributes and what groups the KPI is a member of.  All of this is done with a quick true/false setting in the Visual KPI Designer.
  • Escalating Alerts – You can now choose to alert multiple people or groups of people based on alert conditions.  For example, you might want to alert just operators or line staff if a KPI goes into a ‘high’ condition, but alert supervisors if ‘High high’ is reached and the plant manager if it reaches a critical state.  There are three contacts (or groups) associated with each KPI.

Want to try this yourself?  Existing customers and trial users can just upgrade to the latest version, while new users can try to software for free.  Enjoy!

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